Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Apostleship of Prayer


The Apostleship of Prayer is a universal union of men and women who by their daily oblations of morning offering, unite themselves with the Eucharistic Sacrifice in which the work of our redemption is continuously accomplished. By this vital bond with Christ, they cooperate in the salvation of the whole world.


The Apostleship of Prayer is a world-wide organization founded and spread by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French nun of the Visitation Order at Paray-le-Manial. Jesus appeared to her in several visions displaying to her His Sacred Heart, sometimes burning as a furnace signifying His ever burning love for us, sometimes torn and bleeding, an account of our coldness and sins. Through His four great revelations, He urged her to spread the devotion to His Sacred Heart, the devotion of the Nine Fridays, the devotion of Communion and Reparation and the devotion of the Holy Hour. From this devotion to the Sacred Heart an organization was born which is today known as the Apostleship of Prayer.

The Apostleship of Prayer of Sto. Domingo Parish it will start the humble beginnings in 1990 by the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Bienvenido Trinilla, O.P. when the image of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is being enthroned in the Church. Last May 24, 2008 the set of the newly officers are President Sr. Dulcisima Moncatar, Vice President Bro. Rodrigo Tayag, Secretary and Treasurer Sr. Rosita de Vera, Auditor Sr. Shirley Ramos, Adviser Bro. Wenifredo de Vera and P.R.O. Bro. Rex Sanchez.

To be a member, you have to be imposed with the scapular of the Sacred Heart. Among the obligations of active AP members are: to say the “Morning Offering” daily; to hear mass every Friday; if possible, to hear the daily mass and receive Holy Communion; to attend the Holy Hour; to attend the monthly meetings at the Santo Domingo Parish Formation Center; AP officers must attend the monthly meetings of the AP Diocesian meeting at the Our Lady of Hope Parish at Road 3, Pag-asa, Q.C.

It is a great blessing to be an AP member! Be one with us as we share the wondrous blessings we received from the Sacred Heart of Jesus!


A community of faithful united in the spirit of prayer, working for the transformation and renewal of the church and society according to God's plan.


To achieve this vision, we commit ourselves to the building and strengthening of our community through faith formation as evangelized and evangelizers. Empowerment and active participation as a community of disciples in the renewal and transformation of the church and society. Participation through prayer that bears fruit in action and service with particular involvement of the youth.


a. To instruct the faithful on spiritual prayer.
b. To promote an apostolic spirituality.
c. To evoke the practice of loving service to others.

What does the Apostleship of Prayer offer its members?

The AP offers its members a five point program of spirituality:
1. The Eucharist and the Daily Offering
2. The Sacred Heart Devotion
3. Devotion to Mary, the Blessed Mother
4. Loyal concern for the Church
5. A spirit of prayer


A. Spiritual Formation
1. First Friday Novena
2. Holy Hour
3. Monthly AP General Assembly
4. First Friday Meeting
5. Radio program -DWBL 1:30-2:30PM - Tinig ng Apostolado - sharing & reflection

1. Jail Visitations
2. Visitation of the Old and New Members
3. PABASA c/o Sto. Domingo Charismatic Community
4. Bingo Bonanza
5. Parish Fiesta
6. La Naval de Manila Procession
7. Parish Community Prayer Meeting
8. Parish Anniversary
9. Christmas Caroling
10. Parish Pastoral Council Meetings